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Trinket Box Care Information:

Trinket boxes are for decorative use only.
These boxes are NOT TOYS.
 Keep out of children's reach.

Many of the charming miniature boxes in this online store are hand enameled on a pewter or brass base.  They are then baked, polished and set with sparkling stone accents. To reduce fading of the enamel, avoid placing enameled trinket boxes and gifts in direct sunlight for long periods of time.  As with any enameled work of art, handle these items with care to prevent chipping or breaking.

Most boxes are not lined so we recommend wrapping the item you intend to put inside with cotton or some other type of padding.

Trinket Boxes- How They're Made:

Many of the pewter trinket boxes begin with a drawing from which a sculptor creates a clay model.  The sculptor takes into consideration the casting requirements which may include multiple pieces; painting/enameling boundaries; the hinge; and the placement of crystals and stones. 

Once the original sculpture is complete, it is used to make rubber molds which are later filled with a hot metal alloy.  The alloy, often pewter or brass, is centrifuged into the mold at a high rate of speed, then allowed to cool.

The cooled castings are removed from the molds and then trimmed and polished.  The pieces are assembled and the hinge is soldered into place... this brings the two pieces together to form the trinket box. 

The castings are plated with either 24k gold; silver; antique gold; antique silver; brass; or bronze finish depending upon the desired look the manufacturer wishes to achieve.  The plated boxes are then skillfully hand painted using colorful enamels and special paints which bring about the warmth and beauty of each trinket box.  The boxes are then fired in a kiln for several hours to set the paints and enamels.

The enameled boxes are then set with sparkling stones... some collections are set with Swarovski crystals.  The designs and detail of many of these bejeweled works of art are truly stunning.   These finished trinket boxes are fun to give as gifts and also collect. 

Some boxes may be crafted in other materials like resin or porcelain bisque. The process will differ when boxes are made of other metal or non-metallic materials used.



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