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Trinket Box Item #C20-56-28346 Krinkles Carolers- 3 Box Set
Approximate Size: 3.5"

This box is for decorative use only.
NOT A TOY- Keep out of children's reach.

Each trinket box or keepsake is sold separately unless noted in the description text. Different views along with measurements are provided to help you determine actual size.  Pendants, if included, are not shown to size and are for adult use only.  Items arrive boxed.  Sorry, flowers are not included.  Standard Priority shipping only- Express delivery NOT available.

This trinket box is returnable in accordance with store policies. 

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Kringles Set of Three Carolers by Department 56

These lovely set of three Christmas carolers. The Holly Girl has a yellow dress with green holly leaves and red berries. She wears red gloves and she has a holly sprig in her hair. Tinsil accents her outfit. The Moon Boy is finished in white enamel tinged with blue and words accent his collar, mittens and boots. A golden-color moon sits upon his head. The Halo Girl is dressed In a yellow outfit that is accented with red dogs and musical notes. She also wears bright red mittens and black boots. Tinsil accents her outfit also and a halo is above her head. All three are singing as indicated by their expressive faces. This is a SET of THREE trinket boxes. By Department 56.

Price: $146.00 each
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